Thursday, January 7, 2010

WSO2 Data Services v2.2.0 released

Axis2 lets users to develop web services from the java code. This can either be a POJO where users write the business logic first or a generated code with the WSDL. In whatever form real business logic retrieve data from the data store (most of the time a database) and update it.

Therefore isn't it useful to publish the data stored in permanent storage straight away (I.e using some descriptor files) without doing any coding? WSO2 Data services server let users to publish data by just writing a descriptor file. Currently it can publish data stored in many forms. eg. Databases, text files, excel sheets, google docs etc..
Since WSO2 Data services server build on top of WSO2 carbon platform it inherit all the WS* features such as security, reliable messaging, addressing etc ..

Following are some of the key features:

- Multiple data source support - any relational database accessible via JDBC, CSV, Excel, JNDI bound data sources and Google Spreadsheets
- Web service and REST interfaces for data
- Customizable response format to match your next adaptor's input
- Support for large data sets with little to no impact to the server's memory usage
- Nested queries and federated response from multiple disparate data sources
- Role based content filtering
- Full support for WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy, WS-SecureConversation and XKMS
- Web based GUI wizard
- Multi transport support - send and receive your data in either HTTP(s), SMTP, JMS and XMPP
- Reliable delivery of data
- Access throttling based on IP/Domain or frequency

WSO2 Data Services 2.2.0 can be downloaded from

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Anonymous said...

Hi amila,
I really enjoy reading your blog. I have been struggling configuring axis2 client talk to cxf web service with encryption. Some how my client doesn't use axis2.XML file. I tried run time parameter -Daxis2.XML and also AXIS2C_HOME variable. still getting action mismatch error. Any suggestion , how to make it work ?