Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Running WSO2 WSAS on WebLogic

WSO2 WSAS can be used not only as a standalone application but also as an web application for a servlet container. Many people find latter very useful since that let them run the WSO2 WSAS within their favorite Servlet Container along with the other applications.

I recently had some experiments with the WebLogic server using the 10 Minute Guide to Installing WSO2 WSAS on WebLogic Tutorial written by Afkham Azzez. Every thing worked fine in the installation process.

Then I tried to do more experiments with some WSO2 Mercury samples. By doing this I found that the response messages are not serialized properly. Further looking into that I found when running on Weblogic Axiom uses the underline stax implementation of the WebLogic and that causes some problems of serializing the namespaces and namespace prefixes.

This made me surprised since Axiom supposed to work with any stax implementation. Then I looked into the Axiom serialization logic and found that it works on two different ways.

  1. For some stax implementations it first writes the prefix for a new namespace

  2. For some stax implementations it writes the prefix after start Element

For wstx (default for Axis2) and sun stax implementations it works on the later mode and that has done by specifying these names at the serializing logic. I specified the weblogic also as a later mode implementation and that made every thing worked fine.

I have made these changes already to Axiom and any one having problems working in weblogic can try with Axiom nightly builds.

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